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Anonymous said:
Hi, different anon! But just as a follow up to the last post, how would you feel about them both going to Australia (since Haru's fortune said South, assuming the directions are meant to be taken literally and long-term and not just about this trip)? Do you think it would be possible for Haru to be okay on his own at a university there?

Hello to you too anon! To put it plainly, I would be overjoyed lol like Rin and Haru could go live at Timbuktu or choose to try and find the remains of Atlantis and as long as they’re in it together I’d be the happiest person ever. I’m easy to please in that regard, my preferred destination is just rh at walking distance an acceptable distance of each other hahah 


All in all though, I do find it an interesting scenario. A week ago I wouldn’t have found it particularly likely, to be honest; but a week ago I would have considered a roadtrip to Australia a dream so lol if Kyoani were to go for it, I’d take it as them using it to illustrate Haru’s character growth; Haru going from clutching onto his every-day life to plunging head-first into change and therefore the future. However, at the same time I do find it a little… extreme, perhaps? Like I could see it if it doesn’t happen by Episode 13; if it’s something more like, Haru is aware of the possibility and is honestly considering it (so we know he will end up taking it eventually; he just hasn’t quite gotten there yet), then it would be easier to picture. Specially because then he would have the enough time to prepare, etc. This would also be the one way I could see it fitting in with Haru’s “Take it easy” fortune for ‘change of residence’; since moving to Australia definitely wouldn’t fall into that spectrum otherwise hahah

As for whether he would be okay on his own, given that he is extremely self-sufficient I think he would manage. But despite that I can’t honestly picture it not being hard on him at first unless Rin is around. As far as we know Haru is not proficient nor that knowledgeable in English, so before he can fee at home he would have a language barrier to overcome on-top of his usual introverted personality (though of course, this is only my opinion).

Nothing some time, effort and actual desire to be there wouldn’t fix, I think? I believe seeing how he fares tomorrow and whether or not Australia itself makes something within him resonate (enough to make all of the above worth it for him) should give us a clearer idea of the plausibility of the idea. 

Thank you for giving me the chance to talk about this, anon! And sorry for taking a while to reply, study-called!

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凛誕つづき by 宇多田寝子 ||  Permission to post it was granted by the artist
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Anonymous said:
At this point it's pretty obvious that Haru will find a dream but he and rin won't go to the same university; which is fine really, their paths will always intersect no matter what...we had that image in ep 1 with the sakura petals, each floating in a different direction, so it's safe to assume that rin, haru and makoto will go to different universities. Still, there are some ppl who are sure that haru will go to tokyo, with makoto, while rin will be somewhere else. What do you think about this?

Hi, anon! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and for asking for mine; this has been at the forefront of my mind since we saw that Australian letter. To be honest, while there are outcomes that I find the most likely and that I am rooting for (aka, the one with them simply going to different universities) I am trying to not dismiss anything just to play safe.


I think it depends on how are we supposed to take Haru’s fortune. Is it about his permanent future (like it was in Makoto’s case with his decision to go to Tokyo) or is it just about the near-future? Because if it’s the first, then that should imply that Haru won’t be going to Tokyo; he and Makoto got opposite directions, after all. That in turn adds weight to the possibility of the drifting petals being about more than just university-separation; which in turn would raise the chances of Rin going somewhere else. I frankly am on pins and needless right now about the possibility of Rin having a scouting offer from Australia lol it may sound like an irrational fear because we do not know Rin’s directions so that flag hasn’t been really raised yet (luckily); but like I said I really am trying to steer clear of my bias and not dismiss anything right now orz

If however the fortune is just about the near-future, then that would mean that the drifting petals most likely were just about university separation. So if that is the case for Makoto and Haru, then it must be such as well for Rin and Haru; especially considering that their upcoming separation hasn’t really been a story-line for them this season (unlike with Makoto and Haru). I feel that they’re instead setting them up to be on more or less the same wave-length. 

Just like you, I’m perfectly fine with Rin and Haru going to different univs; in fact it fits, because I think it would motivate them even harder to be able to keep swimming at the same level (plus it looks like they tacitly try to keep their interaction down to a minimum during tournament season anyway; kind of how Haru went all I promised him we’d meet at prefecturals in S1 and kept from seeing Rin before that even though he obviously wanted to lol). 

So yeah, the only thing I know for sure is that I definitely do not want them to be physically apart. Like, a short train-ride apart I can deal with because Samezuka-Iwatobi. But a whole state or (god forbid) a country apart? 


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hold on to my hand • rinharu
Oh it took me by surprise when all the hunger left your eyes
And you never told me why,
But I’m not finished yet
    - honey by magic man

I made this for wind-paradise; it originally started as a RinHaru tribute to one of her favorite songs, but then (predictably) ended up turning into a the-road-to-Harurinralia video hahahah I hope it’s not too bad! ♥

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I picked track #11 to listen to at random before going to univ and it seems I got lucky, omg Rin acted like he dismissed Nagisa and the other’s words about Haru becoming a saba only to then have a legit freak out over it  PRICELESS

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1 day left until harurinralia

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This great big world that goes on forever…

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Anonymous said:
oh my god, have you seen new preview pics for free!?? it's... just... i can't.... not spoiling it for you, but... my shipper heart went crazy. you'll see why

Aww anon you’re so cute! No worries, I love spoilers hahah!

Yeees I saw them this morning first thing before leaving for univ and I spent the entire bus-ride smiling like this:

BICKERING RINHARU. My heart leaped out of my chest, did a summer assault and then started dancing to la macarena. GRUMPY, I’M SO DONE HARU. The how dare you knock on my door and not let me wallow in my own solitude and damn me why can’t I ever say no to you kind. He is so cute he gives me cavities; how is it possible that him making that expression now is somehow even cuter than when he did it when he was a kid??

THEN, he goes from that to vulnerable Haru. I have no clue what is going on in that scene but Rin has gotten to him and it SHOWS and WHY ISN’T IT WEDNESDAY YET

AND RIN’S SMILE. I could wax poetical about it for about two hours. I am not sure how will I survive the episode, there will be so many things to look at and take in jesus. 

I also loved the way they worded the preview and I’m excited about the director, too! So all in all, we’ve got a winner combination on our hands and honestly, since it’s all been so surreal I was still kind of in a state of disbelief. The previews finally made everything sink in though, so now I’m more excited than ever!

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too-gay-to-not-love-kpop said:
I Was Just Curious About the Gay Swimming Boys, I Didn't Mean For It to Take Over My Life- Full length novel written by me.

Perfect summary of the last year of my life, I feel like I know every page by heart

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