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Let me start by saying that I’m aware I might be looking too much into this, but I’m still feeling the high from the finale so please excuse me haha

When it came to wanting things, we saw Haru express a desire to become ordinary (episode 01), to swim with his friends (episode 09) and to swim with Rin (episode 12). It also goes without saying that before realizing that he swam for the team, Haru was still stuck on wanting to become “free” - or rather, he was stuck on what becoming “free” meant to him at that point in time (no obligations to others, no one pushing him into things he does not want to do, so on so forth). 

When it comes to dreams and goals however, Haru was never shown even alluding to having one of his own. The one character who explicitly had a dream and goal to fulfill was Rin. So, it’s no surprise that when Rin turned the question on Haru and asked him about his own dream, Haru looked pretty taken aback, as if the thought of having a dream had never even crossed his mind:


What was fairly interesting however was Haru’s reaction afterward. 

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Omg is it just me or this:

Ties in perfectly with this?

In other words: while Haru spent all season wanting to become free - though his meaning of freedom obviously changed and became the polar opposite, from seclusion to ‘for the team' - and swimming with his friends for the team does play a very important role in that freedom, the key to his freedom was to swim with Rin. Because it was only once he resolved all of his issues with Rin and Rin was back into the team and thus, a part of Haru’s life again, that Haru considered himself to be free


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Good things come to those who wait, but best things come to those who act.
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i'm gonna go to the new world
with nothing but the strength you gave me 
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Favorite FilmsPaprika (2006)

Science is nothing but a piece of trash before a profound dream.

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i don’t even have to make things up. it’s just THERE.

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Anonymous said:
I had read the message the previous anon had sent you, and I'm kinda in the same boat, I just kept thinking "what about Karin?!" What has made matters worse for me is that her deed went completely unnoticed by the majority of the fandom I.e ( chakra chains, determination to save Sasuke ) ugh.. And I keep seeing bizarre posts that Sasuke professed his love to Sakura off panel? The hell?? Kinda makes me wonder if Sasuke will have any sort reaction to the -possible- reveal of karins feelings.. :/

Hiding under a read-more because it’s kinda long!


Ignore those posts anon; for your own mental health lol

That said I do feel you when it comes to Karin. This fandom is absurdly biased against her; either they downplay everything she does or outright bash her. Take the moment she healed Tsunade for example. She not only helped patch her together; Tsunade suck so much chakra that she got her youth and her seal back. That is a huge quantity of chakra. Immense

And yet Karin was perfectly able to pull those chains out merely a few chapters later. That is absolutely incredible; had it been anyone else, the fandom would have been up in arms about it and worshipping the ground she walks on. Alas, it’s Karin; so she’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t, too. I’ve gotten used to it so I no longer care about what is said about her; people can ignore her all they want or mischaracterize her to their bias’ content. At the end of the day, they (luckily) aren’t Kishimoto; and so the only one’s whose perspective about Karin (and SK) I care about is his. The man who is actually writing her and who determines her fate.

Feeling that way has made the fandom a much more relaxing experience for me lol

Now onto Sasuke! I meant to talk about that for the awareness prompt, but I got caught up with univ work. I explain my view about this a bit better here (scroll down to point 5); my perspective is still the same.  But to put it shortly: I do think he will have a reaction to it. Otherwise, why not get that out of the way already? Why save it to what is going to be the mini-arc (so to speak) where Sasuke will have to deal with his bonds with others and come to realizations regarding them and himself? This is a manga, after all; things like these are done in purpose. So I do think we have things to look forward to in that regard; and with some luck, they will (hopefully) be worth the wait :’)

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I even saw my brother and Sousuke-kun while I was shopping!

Speaking of Yamazaki-san, he was Rin-san’s best friend from before he transferred to Iwatobi, correct? Then I wonder…

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Anonymous said:
Hi Kanae, i'm kind of sad because sk is my otp and with the last chapters i feel like Kishi is focusing a lot on ss, did you see the cover? why him and why not naruto? it is worst since ss is my notp(even before i shipped sk) and i hate going to sk tag and see all haters and ss pro's, what do you think?

Aww anon, I totally understand how you feel because I’ve got my fair share of notps too. That’s the downside of having a NOTP, isn’t it? Everything, no matter how inconsequential, will leave you cringing because you would just rather not see those two characters together or even sharing the same panel, period. Though I think part of that visceral reaction also has to do with fandom. I bet that in some cases, if we weren’t exposed to it, we wouldn’t think much of certain things lol

(if there are any ss fans following me, please do skip this~!)


I indeed would have rather seen Sakura sharing Naruto’s horse. But then again, she got to hang out with Naruto in the previous spread; Kishi can’t spoil us too much just yet :P This one actually reminds me of the old one where Sasuke is riding on a hawk and Sakura is riding with him, and she’s about to fall off and grabs onto the neck of his shirt. So I kind of see it as a call-back to that one. It’s nice imagery, very nice fanservice; but nothing that has any effect on the course of the manga itself. Even less so since it’s AU themed and it isn’t Sasuke the one showing any particular reaction.

Hmmm I personally wouldn’t say he’s focusing a lot on SS; I think the reason why these two instances tend to stand out more is precisely because what attention they’ve gotten has been overwhelmingly negative. So any positive interaction is bound to be a highlight. And there should be at least a few more of those coming, IMO. Since it’s your notp, I think the best course of action may be to stay away from the fandom for a couple of days so that you aren’t exposed to the worst of it and so that your own opinions and feelings aren’t influenced by others. That used to help me a lot!

I also really recommend blocking users and blacklisting certain terms if you’ve got a tumblr, anon! I have all the pairings I dislike blacklisted and the SK tag is a walk down the park thanks to that. 

I’m sorry if I wasn’t of any help ;~; Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and asking for mine’s <3

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No, it's not too late. Let's go, Rin!

By Haru and the others. By my nakama. When I swam with them, they showed me a sight I had never seen before and it made me want to swim again. 

That’s why this time, I swim for the sake of the friends who saved me

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It should be impossible but Kyoani just managed to make the first scene even more meaningful by highlighting what we all knew just one episode after: Rin is the one who was saved and Haru was saved by proxy, because swimming with Rin and having Rin back in his life means that much to him.

Funniest thing is that I bet you anything that Rin doesn’t know that Haru also regards that moment as him being saved. Jesus christ.

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